What to Do if You Breakdown: Emergency Driving Situations

Caution Triangle

Knowing what to do if you breakdown is especially important for drivers to know. Whether you have an old junker or a brand new ride, you can breakdown virtually anywhere. Read on to discover what you can do if your car won’t start.

According to Geico, one of the most important things to do is to make sure you are safe. If you are in the middle of nowhere, you want to make sure you are not vulnerable should someone approach you. If a stranger does come and offer assistance, politely decline—no matter how friendly they may seem.

Listen to your car. If it clicks but does not turn over, it is likely a dead battery. This is one of the most common issues for people that can’t start their car. Flick the lights to see if they seem unusually dim as well. You may also have issues with wiring, the alternator, or other electrical components.

Does the car crank? This could be a range of things. If the engine will crank but not start, it is time to call for assistance. Try and call a tow company, or use a roadside emergency program if possible.

In order to avoid these situations, always have regular service performed on your car. This includes oil changes to battery tests and basic inspections. With routine service, you can keep your car working better for longer.

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