New Smylie Kaufman Murano Comes as Prize for 2016 Golf Tournament

Murano Golf Prize

After having a great time on the golf course, Nissan recently arranged for Smylie Kaufman to receive a new Murano. In an interview before the 2016 Masters, Kaufman had mentioned that his parents drove a 2008 Murano. Nissan thought it was only fair that they receive an updated model if he won.

According to Nissan, the Smylie Kaufman Murano will be delivered to Kaufman’s hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. The Nissan Murano is one of many models that participates in the Nissan Green Program, recognized annually by the US Environmental Protection Agency as an Energy Star Partner of the year. So in addition to winning the green jacket at the Masters, Kaufman also wins a green car.

“No matter who wears the green jacket at the end of the day, Smylie is already a winner in our book,” said Jeremy Tucker, Nissan North America vice president of Marketing Communications and Media. “From his hole-in-one on Wednesday’s par three event to his great round on ‘moving day’ we’re impressed by his poise at Augusta and were thrilled to hear of his choice of wheels at home.”

Kaufman was born in 1991, and his full name is Carter Smylie Kaufman. After being named the 2011 Alabama Amateur, Kaufman gained worldwide recognition for his incredible skill despite his young age.

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