Oklahoma City Schools Votes to Shorten School Year

Oklahoma City Schools TeacherYour kids had something even more exciting about the end of the school this year. Oklahoma City Schools recently voted to shorten the school year.

The year was shortened by two days, from May 27th to May 25th, but it’s quite the difference to the school board. Scott Randall, the overseer for capital projects, operations, and information for Oklahoma City Schools, said that the two-day shortening saved the school district $20,000 per day.

This last-minute decision was suggested by superintendent Aurora Lora not only to save money but to help boost teacher morale. It’s not just that the teachers received two days off, but these days also were devoted to professional development.

Concerns are still present, of course. Some board members were concerned that parents would have trouble finding daycare for those days and that kids who rely on school-provided lunches wouldn’t get proper meals.

The two-day cut was part of an overall goal to cut $30 million dollars from the budget before the next school year.

The overall consensus has yet to be determined, but one thing’s for sure: we know that kids loved getting out two days early.

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