Nissan Says Many of Models Contain SPF 500 Protection

Sun SPF 500 - Hudiburg Nissan

Most people know that they need sunscreen to protect them from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays when you are enjoying a long day at the beach or the park, but did you know that you are still exposed to the sun when you are driving?

Luckily, many automakers produce vehicles with windshields that offer a degree of UV protection, but Nissan is raising the bar. According to Nissan, most of their vehicles offer UV protection for up to SPF 500 – a level that would surely protect an overwhelming majority of drivers.

This is excellent news, as not only does sun exposure cause painful burns in the short-term, but also, it can lead to early skin aging – and worse – skin cancer. Thankfully, behind the wheel of a Nissan, you are more than reasonably covered.

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