Updates to the 2016 Nissan Altima

2016 Nissan AltimaThe Altima debuted just three years ago and has been a popular sell since. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t have impressive updates. The 2016 Nissan Altima is here to impress.

The 2016’s exterior has been completely restyled, from the hood to the fenders. The new V-motion grille improves aerodynamics and a rear decklid spoiler not only ads a sporty accent but cuts down on wind resistance. New taillights have a stylish, integrated design that increases your visibility.

Comfort is all-abound in the new Altima. Interior materials have been upgraded and the seats reshaped to conform to you, the driver, even better. Your center stack is all redesigned to have a more accessible layout. You’ll have instant access to all controls.

But it’s not all new. The 2016 Nissan Altima keeps elements from the 2015 that’ll keep you in communication at all times, like Nissan Connect. You’re just a touch away from access to all kinds of entertainment, information, and navigation.

You’ll be safe, too, with technologies like Blind Spot Warning, Predictive Forward Collision Warning and Forward Emergency Braking, which all exist to give you assistance when you most need it. Keep an eye out for the 2016 Nissan Altima.

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Oklahoma City Schools Votes to Shorten School Year

Oklahoma City Schools TeacherYour kids had something even more exciting about the end of the school this year. Oklahoma City Schools recently voted to shorten the school year.

The year was shortened by two days, from May 27th to May 25th, but it’s quite the difference to the school board. Scott Randall, the overseer for capital projects, operations, and information for Oklahoma City Schools, said that the two-day shortening saved the school district $20,000 per day.

This last-minute decision was suggested by superintendent Aurora Lora not only to save money but to help boost teacher morale. It’s not just that the teachers received two days off, but these days also were devoted to professional development.

Concerns are still present, of course. Some board members were concerned that parents would have trouble finding daycare for those days and that kids who rely on school-provided lunches wouldn’t get proper meals.

The two-day cut was part of an overall goal to cut $30 million dollars from the budget before the next school year.

The overall consensus has yet to be determined, but one thing’s for sure: we know that kids loved getting out two days early.

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Nissan Receives 2016 Energy Star Partner of the Year Award

Nissan 2016 Energy Star Partner of the YearNissan is all about efficiency – and they proved it with their recent award. Once again, Nissan received the 2016 Energy Star Partner of the Year award.

The award acknowledges Nissan’s sustained excellence for saving energy by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency gave Nissan this award for the fifth year in a row.

“Nissan is honored to once again be recognized as an Energy Star Partner of the year,” said Rebecca Vest, vice president, Corporate Development and Social Responsibility. “We continue to make improvements to our operations that reduce our environmental footprint as we manufacture the highest quality vehicles sold in North America.”

Nissan got this honor by making innovative improvements like switching to even more efficient LED lighting, using an environmentally-friendly paint process, and improving fuel efficiency.

The automotive industry isn’t the only industry getting awarded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Award recipients from many different organizations are acknowledged for their commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Nissan has a host of environmentally-friendly vehicles, from electric cars like the Leaf to fuel-efficient sedans like the Versa. Check them all out today at Hudiburg Nissan!

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Memorial Day Events in Oklahoma City

Memorial Day Events TagIf you want to celebrate Memorial Day a little differently than the usual picnic or barbecue, we’re here to help. Here are some Memorial Day events that you can enjoy on your day off in Oklahoma City.

45th Infantry Division Museum’s Memorial Day Ceremony

Here, you can pay tribute to veterans and those who lost their lives in the war. There will be lots of patriotism going on, like a helicopter flyover and massing of the colors.

Annual Chuck Wagon Gathering

This takes place at the National Cowboy & Heritage Museum and celebrates Memorial Day with live entertainment, wagon rides, rope-making, and plenty of yummy eats.

Paseo Arts Festival

The festival runs every year during Memorial Day weekend. Eighty-plus artists will have their art on display, and there’s pretty much everything, from pottery to painting to crafts to jewelry.

Are you part of the military? On Memorial Day, all active duty military members and their families can get free admission to the following places:

  • Oklahoma History Center

  • Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

  • National cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

  • OKC Museum of Art

  • Gaylord Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Museum

  • Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

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New Smylie Kaufman Murano Comes as Prize for 2016 Golf Tournament

Murano Golf Prize

After having a great time on the golf course, Nissan recently arranged for Smylie Kaufman to receive a new Murano. In an interview before the 2016 Masters, Kaufman had mentioned that his parents drove a 2008 Murano. Nissan thought it was only fair that they receive an updated model if he won.

According to Nissan, the Smylie Kaufman Murano will be delivered to Kaufman’s hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. The Nissan Murano is one of many models that participates in the Nissan Green Program, recognized annually by the US Environmental Protection Agency as an Energy Star Partner of the year. So in addition to winning the green jacket at the Masters, Kaufman also wins a green car.

“No matter who wears the green jacket at the end of the day, Smylie is already a winner in our book,” said Jeremy Tucker, Nissan North America vice president of Marketing Communications and Media. “From his hole-in-one on Wednesday’s par three event to his great round on ‘moving day’ we’re impressed by his poise at Augusta and were thrilled to hear of his choice of wheels at home.”

Kaufman was born in 1991, and his full name is Carter Smylie Kaufman. After being named the 2011 Alabama Amateur, Kaufman gained worldwide recognition for his incredible skill despite his young age.

Check out the new 2016 Nissan Murano at Hudiburg Nissan today!

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What to Do if You Breakdown: Emergency Driving Situations

Caution Triangle

Knowing what to do if you breakdown is especially important for drivers to know. Whether you have an old junker or a brand new ride, you can breakdown virtually anywhere. Read on to discover what you can do if your car won’t start.

According to Geico, one of the most important things to do is to make sure you are safe. If you are in the middle of nowhere, you want to make sure you are not vulnerable should someone approach you. If a stranger does come and offer assistance, politely decline—no matter how friendly they may seem.

Listen to your car. If it clicks but does not turn over, it is likely a dead battery. This is one of the most common issues for people that can’t start their car. Flick the lights to see if they seem unusually dim as well. You may also have issues with wiring, the alternator, or other electrical components.

Does the car crank? This could be a range of things. If the engine will crank but not start, it is time to call for assistance. Try and call a tow company, or use a roadside emergency program if possible.

In order to avoid these situations, always have regular service performed on your car. This includes oil changes to battery tests and basic inspections. With routine service, you can keep your car working better for longer.

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Try These Adventurous Recipes During Grilled Cheese Month

Grilled Cheese MonthApril is right around the corner, and in addition to blooming flowers, spring rain showers, and warmer days, it also means it is Grilled Cheese Month. Celebrate the perfect combination of butter, bread, and cheese with these delicious, adventurous recipes.

  • Grilled Blue Cheese and Pear. For a sophisticated take on this classic sandwich, class it up with some blue cheese and sliced pear. The unique combination of flavors may become your new favorite.
  • Croque Monsieur. This classic French sandwich puts the cheese both inside and on top of the sandwich. And, with some smoked ham in the middle, this will be a truly filling and delicious sandwich.
  • Grilled Cheese with Onion Rings. Combine your whole lunch into a single sandwich by adding some friend onion rings right into the middle of your sandwich.
  • Grilled Donut Sandwich. This sandwich nicknamed the Fat Boy uses maple-glazed donuts in place of bread. You also add a few slices of crisp bacon with the cheese.

Are you going to try any of these alternative grilled cheese recipes in April?

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Nissan Murano: Best 2-Row SUV for Families

2016 Nissan MuranoWhen choosing a new vehicle for your family, you want the best that you can get. If you choose the 2016 Nissan Murano, that is exactly what you will get. U.S. New & World Report recently named the Murano the “Best 2-Row SUV for Families” in its annual Best Cars for Families program.

U.S. News considers family-friendly features, seating arrangements, cargo space, professional automotive reviews, safety features, and reliability data to determine the winners in each of its 21 automotive segments.

The editors were impressed with the Murano’s “near-luxury level of refinement” along with its low ownership costs, spacious interior, available family-friendly features, and overall safety and reliability.

“Nissan is honored by the continuing recognition of our new Murano by the editors of U.S. News & World Report,” said Dan Mohnke, vice president, Nissan Chief Marketing Manager & Marketing Operations, in a statement. “Consumers seem to be in agreement with the publication’s assessment – sales of Murano are on fire in 2016, increasing more than 85 percent in February and more than 65 percent for year, compared to the same periods in 2015.”

If you’re looking for a 2-row SUV that will keep your family happy, come take the 2016 Nissan Murano out for a test drive today at Hudiburg Nissan.

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2016 Nissan Versa Scores KBB.com’s 2016 5-Year Cost to Own Award

Nissan Versa Nissan has been killing it recently in the value department, scooping up big wins from big agencies for their high-quality, cost-effective vehicles, like the Nissan Murano’s recent placement on U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Cars for the Money” list.

And now the 2016 Nissan Versa is making waves, winning Kelley Blue Book’s 2016 KBB.com’s 2016 5-Year Cost to Own Award in the Subcompact Car category.

The 5-Year Cost to Own Award distinguishes vehicles which have been determined to have the lowest projected ownership costs over the course of, you guessed it, five years. Many times, car buyers focus only on the upfront costs of purchasing a new car, but lots of vehicles with a slightly larger price tag have significantly lower 5-year cost to own estimates. KBB.com’s award is meant to not only recognize vehicles that provide quality and value, but draw consumers’ attention to these impressive vehicles (like the ultra-impressive Nissan Versa).

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U.S. News & World Report Puts the Nissan Murano on its “2016 Best Cars for the Money” List

Nissan MuranoThe Nissan Murano has been a popular option for crossover buyers since its introduction over 10 years ago in 2003, and it’s achievements like the Murano’s most recent award (along with a plethora of exciting standard features) that keep drivers coming back to the Murano for more.

U.S. News & World Report just announced that the Nissan Murano has earned a spot on its “2016 Best Cars for the Money” list, a prestigious collection of cost-effective yet high-quality cars. 2016 marks the second consecutive year that the Murano has earned a spot on U.S. News’ list in the “Best 2-Row” category.

U.S. News highlights the Murano’s “upscale” interior, with its wide variety of technologies and comfort features.

Victors are determined based on a combination of 5-year cost-to-own estimations and reports given by auto-industry experts.

The award was handed out to Nissan at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show earlier this month. Congratulations, Nissan!

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